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A greener place to work

A greener place to work

We’ve already spent time discussing how to make your home an eco-friendlier place to live, but what about the workplace? You may already have this covered if you work from home, but if not, keeping the workplace green is more significant than you might think. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that the average … Continue reading

The environmental impact of textiles

Check out our new, informative YouTube video on the environmental ramifications of textile production.  In the video, we discuss the costs and risks involved in producing one T-shirt and one polyester jacket.  Feel free to comment, and don’t forget to share with your friends.  Everyone needs to know just how environmentally costly the textile industry … Continue reading

Why isn’t textile recycling more popular?

The electronics industry has been doing it for years: recycling your old clock radios, gaming systems, televisions and corded telephones – it makes sense and there are often very appealing incentives.  Often, tossing our empty milk jugs, 2-liters and glass jars into a recycling bin comes as second nature.  So how is textile recycling, perhaps … Continue reading