Why isn’t textile recycling more popular?

The electronics industry has been doing it for years: recycling your old clock radios, gaming systems, televisions and corded telephones – it makes sense and there are often very appealing incentives.  Often, tossing our empty milk jugs, 2-liters and glass jars into a recycling bin comes as second nature.  So how is textile recycling, perhaps the easiest of all recyclable materials to reuse or resell, often just an afterthought?  Why do many people still only calculate the cost of owning a cashmere sweater rather than calculating the cost of making it in the first place?

Workers in a clothing factory

The answer isn’t easy, but the solution is simple: make textile recycling just as convenient as it is to recycle our trashed glass, plastics and paper.  USAgain is striving to do this each day.  With about 8,000 bins across the nation, soon we won’t have any excuse not to recycle and reuse our old clothing, shoes and other textiles.  Why not?  One person’s ill-fitting clothing is someone else’s dream jacket, and that dream jacket is another person’s winter necessity.  We can all help each other lower wastefulness in the simplest ways.

We’ve all heard of hand-me-downs.  It’s not just for our little brothers and sisters anymore.

Stay tuned for more from USAgain!


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