A greener Halloween

According to Green Halloween, costumes generate nearly 12,000 tons of landfill waste each year.  That’s a lot.  So what can we do about it?  USAgain offers a few tips:

  1. BUY USED.  Not only is this a cheaper option, but you’d be helping the environment.  You’ll probably surprise yourself at just what sort of neat costumes or costume ideas you’ll find, too.
  2. SWAP.  Have a friend who wants to dress as Batman this year?  Swap costumes.  You’re happy, your friend is happy and the Earth thanks you for not dumping your old costume in the trash.
  3. DIY. Get creative.  Utilize items that might otherwise end up in the trash to create your next costume.  Old red sweatsuit? Instant hot dog costume. Old umbrellas? Bat costume.  Just don’t resort to the ol’ cardboard box robot costume.  We’ve seen enough of that.  But we can probably all agree you should never get rid of this costume.  It’s just too cute.
  4. RECYCLE.  Don’t toss your costume in the trash!  Recycle it.  Drop it off at your local USAgain collection bins.  We’ll reroute it to be reused or recycled.

We’d like to hear what tips or costume ideas you have to make this Halloween a little greener.  Post away!  Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Stay tuned for more from USAgain!


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