America Recycles Day is almost here

It’s just around the corner. Monday, Nov. 15, is America Recycles Day.  Started in 1997, ARD is the perfect opportunity to get all of your friends, family and acquaintances recycling and/or spreading the “green” message.

Keep America Beautiful, the organizer of ARD, has links on their website to direct people to local events as well as information for those who wish to organize their own event.

But not everyone can organize or attend an event on Nov. 15.  Earth911 offers some interesting (and easy) ways to contribute your fair share to the ARD occasion if you are unable to attend an event in your area:

  1. Modify your computer settings to save energy.
  2. Invest in surge protector/power strips (allows you to turn off multiple appliances at once in order to save energy).
  3. Buy local.
  4. Make your own juice.
  5. Use seasonal ingredients.
  6. Buy “natural.”
  7. Always check if something is recyclable.

USAgain strives to keep the ARD mentality 365 days per year.  Recycle and reuse.

Stay tuned for more from USAgain!


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