Clothing reuse in context

First, a “Happy America Recycles Day!” is in order.  Happy ARD everyone.

Second, green guru Mindful Momma blogged some of her thoughts upon discovering USAgain operates in her area.  Check it out!

Third, USAgain CEO Mattias Wallander published another interesting read via the Huffington Post today.  Wallander explains how emerging economies – namely, China and India – are experiencing rapid population growth yet continue to carry an environmental and economic edge over their Western counterparts by keeping many textiles out of landfills.  This is largely due to their thriving secondhand clothing markets, of which the United States and other Western economies are contributors.

It’s true.  Americans consume nearly 60 pounds of new clothing per year.  Yet only 15 percent of that new clothing is recycled or reused.  It’s unsustainable, really.  Emerging economies can show us a thing or two. While we certainly enjoy a richer standard of living, there is something fundamentally sound (economically and environmentally) to the idea of recycling and reusing our clothing.

Why do you think Americans (or industrialized/wealthy nations in general) recycle or reuse clothing less than other countries?  Price?  Pride?  Ignorance?  Necessity?  The folks at USAgain are curious to hear your thoughts!

Stay tuned for more from USAgain!


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