Earth month is coming

Once a year in the spring we celebrate the planet we live on by turning off the lights for an hour in hopes of conserving energy (the sun is shining in Chicago today, time to let the natural light in). During Earth Hour, hundreds of millions of people in their homes and offices turn off the lights. The feat is amazing, everyone does his or her tiny part, and in the process we all accomplish something meaningful.

In April, USAgain is asking the same thing. After cleaning your closet and puzzling over what to do about the clothes now piled on your floor, get to a drop box. Instead of letting those threads rot in a landfill, we’ll put those clothes to use by reselling or reusing them.

If we all take the extra step on our way to work, the kids’ school or the grocery store, we hope to accomplish a goal that speaks volumes about a small amount of effort. Six million pounds is the goal this April. We can prevent 42 million pounds of CO2 gas from entering the atmosphere and  save over 30,000 cubic yards of landfill space, if we reach our goal.

The impact could be enormous if all the pieces come together. Spread the word, and let’s recycle.

Stay tuned for more from USAgain!


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