Earth Month: Eco-tip #10 Make your refrigerator more efficient

Eco-Tip #10: Run an efficient fridge

A full fridge, believe it or not, is more energy efficient.

Other than keeping the door closed as much as possible, there are some easy ways to save money and keep your fridge/freezer from becoming an energy hog:

  1. Leave some room around the fridge. Often, we forget to think about the air circulation around our refrigerators. Proper air circulation requires about 2 inches of space on all sides. Of course, we also don’t want to place our fridges near appliances that give off heat (ex. stoves, dishwashers, oven) because those will just make our refrigerators work harder.
  2. Cover your leftovers. Uncovered food releases moisture throughout the inside of your fridge. This makes your refrigerator work harder to keep everything cold.
  3. Clean your fridge often. The dust and other debris that can cover the coils on a fridge will only make it work harder, using more energy. Make it a point to dust around your fridge, along the coils, condenser tubes and other areas to make sure it’s working efficiently. Make sure food or other debris haven’t left gaps in the gasket around the door(s), too.
  4. Keep your freezer/fridge full. A full fridge is more energy efficient as a refrigerator full of food. This leads to less air escaping each time you open the door. The result is a more energy efficient fridge. Don’t want to overstock? Just put in a pitcher of water or something else to take up space.
  5. Check your fridge’s temperature setting. Some new refrigerators have summer/winter settings. Otherwise, just check that you aren’t using a temperature that’s a bit of overkill for your purposes.

Have some more green tips for the kitchen? Share them here!

Stay tuned for more from USAgain!


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