Earth Month: Eco-tip #12 Carpool to work

Earth Month Eco-Tip #12: Carpool

Skip some traffic jams with in a carpool lane.

Gas prices always seem to increase. As a nonrenewable energy resource, it’s hard to believe that oil will ever decrease in price again. According to The Daily Green, if the average American commutes to work 16 miles each way and the average car gets about 23 miles per gallon, and with a gas price of $3.68 per gallon, we spend an average of about $1,300 per year on gas.

Instead of spending all of that money driving separately, why not pool our efforts to save money and prevent carbon emissions? put it nicely:

Forty-four percent of almost a billion personal car trips each day in the U.S. are driven with only one of those seats occupied, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Every empty seat in the hundreds of millions of cars on the road represents a missed opportunity to save money, reduce traffic and pollution, and build community through a shared ride.

Besides the added benefit of driving in exclusive carpool lanes on some highways to avoid traffic congestion, some employers offer reserved carpool parking spaces. Alternate drivers each week to lessen the burden on any one person, and feel free to set limitations in your own vehicles (ex. smoking, music, eating, etc.) to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

There are plenty of websites out there to better help you organize a carpool. Check out:

Stay tuned for more tips from USAgain!


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