Tips for a greener summer

Summer green tips from USAgain - golf, butterflies and planting local

Reduce your carbon footprint on the golf green by avoiding the use of golf carts entirely.

It’s already the middle of May. Soon schools will be ending session before summer vacations begin. For many of us, summer is a time of celebration; we expect to make trips to the beach, have picnics and outdoor BBQs, and regenerate from a dull winter by enjoying nature and soaking up the sun.

Consider these eco-conscious activities while enjoying nature this summer:

  • Support butterfly habitats. Butterflies play an important role in pollinating our flowers, veggies and fruits – other than looking gorgeous. Help maintain the balance of nature by working to make sure butterflies don’t disappear from your area by growing plants that caterpillars like to eat, filling your garden with nectar-rich plants, or even building a butterfly “home.”
  • Plant native vegetation. Your local wildlife thrives off of local plants, not something grown far away, however beautiful it may appear to you. Consider nature’s needs and best interests by planting local species in your garden.
  • Golf fan? Consider some steps to keeping the green greener and nature will thank you. Ask your local golf course to consider supplying electric golf carts to members. Better yet, walk the course, don’t use a golf cart at all. It’s good exercise and will reduce your carbon footprint.

Stay tuned for more summer green tips from USAgain.


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