Keep all recycling, charitable options in California

California Governor Jerry Brown has an important piece of legislation on his desk, a new law which limits the textile recycling options for California residents. We are in full support of California’s efforts to achieve zero waste, aiming to reduce waste going into landfills by 75 percent by 2020.  A big portion of this waste going into landfills is textiles. More than 880,000 tons were sent to California landfills in 2008 alone.  According to EPA, the current textile recycling efforts collect only 15 percent of the total textile waste, and 85 percent makes its way to landfills.

We all know to increase any kind of recycling we need to make it more convenient.  Collection bins provide a convenient and eco-friendly way for people to rid themselves of unwanted clothes, shoes, books, home electronics and much more.  The bins keep these items in the use cycle and out of landfills. In addition, many nonprofits rely on funds generated by collection bins to fund programs that benefit the community.

But the bill, AB 1978, is an anti-environment, anti-business and anti-charity bill.  It will impose onerous limitations on the placement of collection bins.  As a market leader in the textile collection industry, USAgain has been an advocate for the regulation of un-permitted bins for many years. Unfortunately, however, AB 1978 is a flawed and excessive bill that will have a negative impact on a wide range of businesses, charities and their beneficiaries across this state.

This legislation would make it much harder for organizations like USAgain, D.A.R.E. and many others to place bins across the state.

We’re joining the California Resource Recovery Association, the Northern California Recycling Association, the California Police Chiefs Association, D.A.R.E., other non-profits and local businesses in opposing AB 1978, which is on the Governor Jerry Brown’s desk – hopefully awaiting a veto from him.

Please support California’s green businesses, charities and nonprofits, visit to sign the petition asking Governor Brown to veto the bill.


2 thoughts on “Keep all recycling, charitable options in California

  1. It is so important to have access to charity collection bins. It’s hard enough to get people motivated to pack up all their unwanted clothes, let alone go to a charity store. The bins act as a great halfway point, you can drop things off on your way to work or while you are at the shops. It will be really disappointing if legislation goes in place that stops organisations, like yours, doing good!

    • Thanks for your comment, Amelia! We agree that convenience should be a factor in dropping-off/recycling all different types of waste and reusable items, including textiles. Thankfully, AB1978 in California was recently vetoed by Gov. Brown.

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