Give thanks, don’t trash

Like all big holidays, it’s easy to get carried away with decorations and food, resulting in a lot of wasted money, headaches and – of course – trash. But there are a few things you can do this Thanksgiving to spend less and reduce waste while still looking great and having a wonderful time spent with friends and family.

This year, Americans will trash nearly one-third of their Thanksgiving turkey meat – 200 million pounds. To produce each pound of wasted turkey, it requires about the same resources as it does to drive a car 11 miles and a 130-minute shower. With turkey prices up 7 percent this year due to a drought, why not save some money while reducing carbon emissions and carefully store your leftover turkey for the workweek and/or school lunches?

Thanksgiving decorations don’t need to be fancy store-bought items either. Save yourself the hassle and money by utilizing things you may already have around the house. Consider making decorations out of paper bags, scrap textiles, leaves/acorns from your yard, etc. It can be a fun way to gather the family to have a little fun while easing the stress of holiday planning.

Have any suggestions of your own? How are you saving money or reducing waste this Thanksgiving? Share you comments with USAgain below!


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