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Brilliant Closet Lifehacks

Reclaim your closet no matter how tight or tiny it is. Get the most out of your space and uncover the closet of your dreams with these brilliant closet lifehacks that will maximize every inch of your wardrobe space.  1. Before you begin your closet makeover, survey what you’ve got in stock. Start by taking everything … Continue reading

Who wears secondhand clothing?

Who wears secondhand clothing?

If you’re familiar with the secondhand clothing industry, you may have come across the statistic “70 percent of the world wears secondhand clothes.” It’s a useful figure to show that used clothing is a major part of the lives of billions of people, but what exactly does it mean? Let’s take a closer look. Industry … Continue reading

Back-to-school green tips all of us can use

Can you believe it’s almost time to head back to school again?  Approximately 76 million kids, teens and adults will be heading back to the classroom this fall. With back-to-school shopping, August and September are months of major consumption for Americans.  While you’re stocking up on back-to-school supplies, make sure you’re making environmentally responsible choices.  … Continue reading

Earth month is coming

Once a year in the spring we celebrate the planet we live on by turning off the lights for an hour in hopes of conserving energy (the sun is shining in Chicago today, time to let the natural light in). During Earth Hour, hundreds of millions of people in their homes and offices turn off … Continue reading

A greener winter holiday

Holiday shopping season has been upon us for several weeks. While you’re wrapping up your shopping routine (and wrapping those gifts), take a minute to think about the waste generated this holiday season; all of the wrapping paper, Christmas trees and product packaging has to go somewhere. Every little bit helps. Consider having a gift … Continue reading

Big brands and the environment: Why not flex their green muscle?

Consumers often hear of (or assume) big clothing brand’s wastefulness in manufacturing their products for retail stores. It’s not uncommon; walk into any modern American shopping mall and you’re confronted with dozens of top-brand choices. But at what cost to the environment? Sure, there are stories of sweatshops and illegal, underpaid workers, but what about … Continue reading

Where does your trash go?

Have you ever wondered where your trash goes?  Or is it a “trash & forget” scenario for you? Earth911 posted an excellent editorial piece last week about a staff writer’s recent trip to a landfill.  It’s interesting and important to see where our trash goes on a daily basis.  It doesn’t just disappear.  Each year, … Continue reading

The culture of recycling

Let’s face it. Some people just don’t recycle.  Often this is due to a lack of understanding and/or urgency. For some it’s a matter of belief – doubt, loathing and cynicism. But it’s probably safe to say most people consider it a simple matter of inconvenience (e.g., collection bin locations, pick-up times, etc.; anything that … Continue reading