Tips for Making World Vegetarian Day a Greener Holiday

Ever consider taking a greener approach towards your eating habits? Then maybe you want to participate in World Vegetarian Day.

World Vegetarian Day was established to promote the positive aspects behind being a vegetarian and kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month in October. The day, which is on October 1, not only promotes green eating but also brings awareness of how damaging the meat industry can be to the environment.

In 2012, the United States Department of Agriculture estimated the average American ate an average of 52.3 pounds of beef, 57.4 pounds of chicken and 43.5 pounds of pork. Many proponents of vegetarianism say eating meat harms health, wastes resources like energy and water, causes deforestation and creates pollution. They often argue that killing animals for food is cruel and unethical since non-animal food sources are plentiful.

Going vegetarian can also help prevent harm to the environment.


According to the Livestock, Environment and Development Initiative, livestock production accounts for 18 percent of global greenhouse emissions. This includes nine percent of carbon dioxide and 37 percent of methane gases emissions around the world.

Here are some tips for anyone looking to become a vegetarian:

  • Make vegetarian versions of you favorite meals. There are some meals, such as tacos and pizza, where key ingredients like cheese and meat can be substituted for vegetarian friendly replacements.
  • Try looking at tons of vegetarian recipes. Even if you’re picky, there’s probably at least one recipe you can enjoy and it never hurts to try new things.
  • Give faux meats and dairy alternatives a chance. These products have increased in popularity over the years and are widely available. Try them to increase the number of meals that are vegetarian.
  • Look for vegetarian friendly restaurants in your area. By finding local places, you have access to healthy meals you don’t need to cook if you don’t have the time.
  • Make it a goal to eat small amounts of fruit and vegetables every day. By getting used to eating more green foods, you can gradually eat them on a larger basis everyday. It’s also healthy for you.

By following these tips and finding other ways of embracing greener eating, you can become a vegetarian in no time. It’s greener for you and the environment.

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