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Rise to Green the Greatest Show on Grass

You might have just finished the holiday cleanup, but that doesn’t mean big gathering are over, especially if you are a football fan! Super Bowl parties are a sacred tradition of Americans; a day devoted to spending time with friends, reviewing commercials, and eating game day food. Food is one of the main highlights of … Continue reading

Eight insane facts about textile recycling

No matter what side of the Atlantic you represent, the extent of personal textile waste is staggering. One battle that both Brits and Americans are losing is the battle against textile waste. Learn why it’s time for a textile recycling revolution. The average lifetime of a piece of clothing is only about 3 years. The … Continue reading

Why isn’t textile recycling more popular?

The electronics industry has been doing it for years: recycling your old clock radios, gaming systems, televisions and corded telephones – it makes sense and there are often very appealing incentives.  Often, tossing our empty milk jugs, 2-liters and glass jars into a recycling bin comes as second nature.  So how is textile recycling, perhaps … Continue reading