Earth Month: Eco-tip #4 Make your own compost bin

Eco-Tip #4: DIY compost bin

A self-contained compost bin is a great (free) way to add nutrient-rich fertilizer to your garden soil.

These days composting makes a lot of sense; fill a designated container with items that might otherwise go to a landfill and be rewarded with rich soil supplement for your garden. Composting is easy to do and is cheaper than buying new soil at the local hardware/gardening store.

For $10 or $15, you could be well on your way to creating nutrient-rich fertilizer from your trash. Items that can be composted include:

· Eggshells
· Veggies
· Fruits
· Coffee grinds and filters
· Grass clipping
· Shredded newspapers

For more info on making your own compost bin, check here.

Stay tuned for more from USAgain!

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