Earth Month: Eco-tip #5 Use less plastic bags

Earth Month Eco-Tip #5: Use less plastic bagsWe have an attachment to plastic bags, boosting the price of oil and contributing to needless waste and pollution around the country, though making the transportation of goods from store-to-car very convenient. And while countries in Europe and Asia have either completely banned the use of plastic bags in stores, or placed taxes on them greatly reducing their use, Americans still use plastic bags religiously. Most American grocery stores still carry plastic bags free of charge, though many do sell reusable bags at checkout. Still, the demand for plastic bags is high, so stores keep stocking them.

But there’s an easy way to curb this waste and use less plastic in general. We’ve all seen (or experienced it): you run into the store for just a gallon of milk or some headache pain medication whereafter the cashier politely puts your quick buys into a plastic bag. Do you really need that plastic bag? Of course not. Next time, bring your own bag. Better yet, if you can carry those items in your hand, do so.

Reusable tote bags are the perfect solution. Leave one in your car. Carry one with you when you walk to the store. Put one in your backpack or briefcase. There are even some bags that take up the size of a coin purse when stuffed into an attached bag. Or make your own  – turn some old clothes into a nice reusable grocery bag. Reusing bags is an easy, green way to use less plastic and reduce our dependance on oil.

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