Earth Month: Eco-tip #6 Conduct a do-it-yourself home energy assessment

Doing a quick, analytical walk-through of your home is a great way to identify problem areas that may be less energy efficient than they could be otherwise. These energy inefficiencies could cost you money.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates energy savings of up to 30 percent so fix those pesky air drafts. It’s simple. Check for gaps in flooring, junctures, the ceiling, window frames and even electrical outlets – anywhere air might travel through the walls and into your home, or vice versa. If a window is easily shakeable, it’s a good indication of air drafts. Likewise, if you can see sunlight through a window frame, you can also expect air to pass through.

Lighting accounts for about 10 percent of energy bills on average. Check your light bulbs – you may have 100 watt bulbs where a 60 watt bulb would do the trick. Don’t forget to check your home insulation, too. Depending on when your home was built, your level of wall insulation may be inadequate.

For more tips of conducting an energy assessment of your home, check here. You can also do an energy assessment online.

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