USAgain’s Earth Month Challenge, Prom Goes Green gives back to students

USAgain is a leader in the textile recycling industry and a big advocate of eliminating textile waste from landfills. You may already know this, but what you may not know is our commitment to giving back to schools and students as we spread the message of textile reuse and recycling.

Earth Month ChallengeEarth Month Challenge

This April marks the 44th annual Earth Month. The goal of Earth Month is to eliminate “environmental apathy” by promoting awareness, knowledge, education, stewardship and activism toward the environmental issues facing our planet. USAgain’s Earth Month Challenge is an event that fits in with the ideals of Earth Month.

What is Earth Month Challenge?

Earth Month Challenge is an opportunity for schools to earn cash prizes by recycling textiles throughout the month of April. Schools have until March 31 to register and have a USAgain recycling bin placed onsite (schools already partnered with USAgain are automatically entered). The top five schools that collect the most pounds of textiles will be awarded bonus prizes of $1,000, $750, $500, $250 and $100. All schools will earn cash for every pound of clothes and shoes collected. St. Clare School in O’Fallon, Ill. took home the grand prize in 2012.

The bottom line: Earth Month Challenge is a no-work, no-cost way for schools to earn money while promoting environmental stewardship among students and the local community. All a school must do is contact USAgain and we’ll take care of all the work. It’s a great way to find an eco-friendly use for surplus clothing and earn some cash, which is always a plus. For more information, look here.

Prom Goes Green

Spring is approaching, and for high school students, that means one thing – prom is coming up. There’s no doubt that prom is a memorable time for high schoolers, but it’s also an expensive one. Seventeen magazine polled readers and found that the average cost of a prom dress is $231, and for most girls, a prom dress is something that will only be worn once.

What is Prom Goes Green?

Prom Goes Green is an environmentally friendly solution for the daunting expenses of today’s proms. On April 6, USAgain will be giving away 1,500 prom dresses to high school students in the Chicago area. By reusing prom dresses, we’re saving them from landfills and giving them a second life, where they’ll be appreciated again. The dresses at the event are all in great condition; some even have tags on them.

The bottom line: Prom Goes Green is great for students and the environment – something as expensive and elegant as a prom dress shouldn’t be thrown away after one person is done with it, and students strapped for cash should have an option to get a free dress. For more information, look here.

Children are the future, and if we want our future to be environmentally sustainable, we must stress the importance of recycling to students. What better way to do that than award schools prizes for recycling and divert prom dresses from landfills?

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