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Rise to Green the Greatest Show on Grass

You might have just finished the holiday cleanup, but that doesn’t mean big gathering are over, especially if you are a football fan! Super Bowl parties are a sacred tradition of Americans; a day devoted to spending time with friends, reviewing commercials, and eating game day food. Food is one of the main highlights of … Continue reading

Green 2017!

It’s not too late to start a Green 2017. In fact, Green Resolutions can provide the extra motivation to keep you focused on your goals all year round. Green living is a commitment that not only makes your life better but benefits your community, your family, and the Earth. With positive effects that are immediate … Continue reading

Green Up Your Thanksgiving

The holidays are meant to bring out the best in us. Throughout the season, we celebrate love, give thanks, create cheer and whip up joy. Amid the merry-making, with the average American spending $935.58 on food, gifts, and other holiday items, we’re also generating a ton of trash. Starting with Thanksgiving alone, the volume of waste in … Continue reading

The Grass is Greener on Super Bowl Sunday

Environmental Footprint Makes Game Day History From must-watch commercials to copious amounts of tortilla chips, the Super Bowl is nearly synonymous with consumption and profits. Last year, spending in the United States on Super Bowl-related merchandise, apparel and snacks was an anticipated $14.3 billion, or an average of $77.88 per consumer. Advertisers spent $4.5 million … Continue reading

Brilliant Closet Lifehacks

Reclaim your closet no matter how tight or tiny it is. Get the most out of your space and uncover the closet of your dreams with these brilliant closet lifehacks that will maximize every inch of your wardrobe space.  1. Before you begin your closet makeover, survey what you’ve got in stock. Start by taking everything … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Happiness

Spring Cleaning Happiness

Dusting the winter cobwebs away doesn’t have to be a dirty game. In addition to sprucing up your space, spring cleaning can add lightness to your life by clearing your mind and helping you establish fresh habits all year round. After all, once you’ve gone through the effort to whip your rooms and closets into … Continue reading