Earth Month: Eco-tip #1 Reuse coffee grinds, eggshells

Like coffee? Eat some eggs for breakfast recently? Use the leftover trash as fertilizer.

Well, it’s finally Earth Month. While USAgain is hard at work celebrating beyond Earth Day, we wanted to share some green tips with our readers – one for each day of Earth Month – helping you stay healthier, greener and maybe even save you some money.

Eco-Tip #1: Use eggshells and coffee grinds to fertilize your garden.

There’s no reason not to use organic fertilizers – most of these ingredients can already be found in your home. Most people don’t realize that eggshells, usually left to decompose in landfills, can be used to fertilize your garden. You probably eat eggs anyway, so why trash free fertilizer? For more details on using eggshells as fertilizer, check out this site.

Coffee junkies, don’t trash your old coffee grinds. They might look useless, but when used in proper amounts, and for the right plants, these old coffee grinds can be quite useful as a fertilizer. Check here for more info.

Stay tuned for more from USAgain!

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