Reuse textiles for Thanksgiving decor

Looking for creative ways to decorate the Thanksgiving table and recycle some textiles at the same time.  Here’s some eco-friendly, creative and fun ways to decorate your holiday table.

  1. Update old table linens.  Use stencils and fabric paint in hues of brown, orange and yellow to easily add autumn leaves, cornucopias or other harvest images to a plain tablecloth.
  2. Create napkin rings with strips of autumn-patterned fabric glued over a cardboard tube (toilet paper tubes cut into 1-inch segments for example).
  3. Create beautiful placement mats that you can use year after year from fall-colored fabric scraps (old table linen or sheets) by piecing them together and making quilted mats.
  4. Use leftover ribbons and fabric scraps to make streamers that you can hang from the ceiling. Better yet give this project to your child and watch their imagine take hold and go wild.
  5. Use old straw hats, buttons, felt and fabrics to decorate the scarecrow door decoration.

Stay tuned for more from USAgain!

One thought on “Reuse textiles for Thanksgiving decor

  1. Got an idea as I read about the tablecloths: have each guest sign name and comment to keep for future use!! Also maybe eventually use as a ‘wall hanging’ or something similar! Just a thought!

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