Earth Month: Eco-tip #14 Recycle batteries

Household batteries are often separated by material components before recycling.

Often the essential component in keeping our electronics on and working, batteries have been winding up in landfills for decades. Even rechargeable batteries are trashed after they’ve expended their use or lost their ability to retain a charge. Thankfully, battery recycling options are increasing, helping us prevent corrosive batteries from ending up in our landfills or contaminating our water supplies. In fact, the European Union mandates battery recycling.

Batteries can be placed into two categories: primary (single use) or secondary (rechargeable). Each type requires a certain degree of special attention when recycling. Each year, Americans trash nearly 180,000 tons of batteries. Using rechargeable batteries is a step in the right direction. Rechargeable batteries account for nearly 7 percent of total battery waste in the U.S.

According to Mother Nature Network, most car battery retailers will collect and recycle them for free. Check Earth911 for your nearest battery recycler or read this article for more info.

Stay tuned for more tips from USAgain!

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