Summing up the holidays with a few infographics

Santa's Carbon Footprint via Ethical Ocean

Santa’s Carbon Footprint via Ethical Ocean

We’ve been surprised at just how many cute infographics and informative articles have been popping up this season in regards to Santa Claus, the environment, and the holidays in general. So we thought we should post some of them here, for all of our readers to see. Most are silly, but others are quite thought-provoking (how can science explain Rudolph’s red nose?):

  1. What is Santa’s Carbon Footprint? via Ethical Ocean - eco friendly products, fair trade and vegan shopping
  2. Scientists decode why Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose via IBNLive
  3. 2012 Christmas Travel Trends via FlipKey and TripAdvisor
  4. An Evolution of Christmas Gifts - Toys & Gadgets via Maplin
  5. A Rundown of the Bestselling Christmas Gifts since 1980 via GoneDigging
  6. If Children ran Christmas via Santa’s Lapland
  7. Christmas Tree Facts via Coupon
  8. 12 Days of Carbon via BestFootForward
  9. Holiday Waste via @jayjaypowpow
  10. The New Christmas Tradition… Artificial Christmas Trees! via Tree Classics

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