Spring greening

spring cleaning

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Ah, spring. For those of us in the Midwest, it feels like it’s taking a bit too long to arrive, but when it finally does, many of us will head to our closets armed with a plastic bag and intentions of getting rid of everything we don’t need.

Spring cleaning isn’t the most enjoyable part of spring, but it’s something we all have to do, unless you like holding on to items you no longer need. What’s the eco-friendly protocol for spring cleaning, though?

Be responsible with electronics

An old printer cartridge or obsolete cell phone might feel small in the palm of your hand, but its environmental impact is nothing short of huge. According to eWaste Center, many electronic devices contain dangerous levels of toxic materials such as lead, barium, cadmium and mercury, which are all threats to human health and the Earth. To keep e-waste from harming the environment, Planet Green Recycle is collection these items for recycling. The best part? They’re giving cash payouts to charities for recycling.

Participants are paid the cash value of every item they send in to Planet Green Recycle, and three recyclers will be selected to receive a cash prize of $250. Learn more about the program here.

Give your clothes a second life

Your biggest spring cleaning task may very well be getting rid of clothes you no longer need. As you bag up old clothing and household textiles, remember that all textile items are recyclable or reusable as long as they’re not wet. Keep this in mind when you decide what to do with your unwanted clothing, and when you make a decision, choose a responsible method of disposal, whether it be a charitable donation, a USAgain collection bin, or a friend who could use it.

Recycle in every room

Most homes have a recycling bin or bag in the kitchen beside the trash, but why not recycle in all rooms? It might seem crazy, but people are more likely to recycle if a recycling receptacle is nearby. Use a small container for recycling in the bedroom, bathroom, family room and anywhere else you normally keep a small trash can. Also, when shopping for personal hygiene items, go for products packaged in recyclable material—that way you can get some use out of your tiny recycling bin.

Spring cleaning might be tedious if you’re not a professional cleaner, but don’t use that as an excuse to disregard the environment. Follow our tips on your way to spring greening this year.

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