Free, green eco-friendly apps

iphone for blogSimilar to just about everything nowadays, when it comes to recycling and sustainability, there’s an app for that.

There are apps for locating a recycling drop-off point, finding an eco-friendly meal at a nearby restaurant or planting a tree in the backyard. Mobile app developers are in tune to the environment and people’s desire to do something positive, as evidenced by the growing amount of green apps available on iOS and Android devices.

Let’s take a look at four of the best free green apps on the market


iRecycle is Earth911’s recycling app, which they boast as the “easiest and most accessible way to get people plugged into local recycling opportunities.” iRecycle functions similarly to Earth911’s recycling guides, which allow a user to locate nearby recycling options for a wide range of products, including electronics, automotive parts and batteries. In all, iRecycle offers more than 1.5 million recycling solutions for 350 items and is remarkably easy to use. Just select an item and provide your ZIP code to view a list of locations to recycle your item.


If you’re familiar with the locavore movement, which focuses on eating locally produced food, you can probably guess what this app does. Locavore allows users to find local, in-season food by locating farmers’ markets and stores that sell them. Locavore also allows users to share their quests to find local food on social media.


Junk mail bombardment is as annoying as it is wasteful. PaperKarma allows users to stop unwanted junk mail from crowding the mailbox by simply snapping a picture of the unwanted mail and submitting it. Once your picture is submitted, PaperKarma contacts the mailer and requests they remove you from their distribution list. It should be noted that PaperKarma only works for mail addressed directly to a user’s name.


GoodGuide is an app designed to make it easy for users to find green products. The app has performance ratings for over 120,000 products, including food, personal care and household items. By opening the app and scanning an item’s barcode, GoodGuide shows a product’s eco-friendly and health ratings. It’s a good tool to have when going through the grocery store.

The incredible utility of smartphones isn’t limited to playing games and working while away from the office. With the right set of apps, your smartphone can become an environmentally conscious pocket computer.

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